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Life in space is not like the life on earth.  Things are entirely different up there. If you are a wannabe space tourist, you need to understand that traveling to space will never be as comfortable as the conventional travel across the face of the earth. Be that as it may, space travel is one of the things you should venture into if you can spare the money. Space travel will cost you a lot of money.

Studies show that you may have to pay as much as $20 million to trickle from earth to space.  This means only the very rich can attempt such an adventure.  Even if you do not have the money to buy a ticket for your space tour yet, you can still learn a thing or two in this write-up about space travel. Who knows, you may become rich enough in the nearest future to challenge the space to a duel.

Space Travel

It all begins with the right training

You do not have to go for a training to travel by road or by air from one location on earth to another, but this is never the case with space travel in which you are required to go for a training about how to travel to space and about life in space.  During the training, you will be taught about how to survive in space and how to carry out other normal day-to-day activities, like eating, bathing, walking and defecating. You need to have the knowledge as prerequisites to help prevent unwanted eventualities.  During the training, you will be taught about survival in extreme conditions and how to relate with the astronauts and other people on board.

There are situations during space travel in which people on board will not be able to hear one another. As a result, anyone aspiring space tourist needs to be trained on silent communication, which is a kind of communication in which you send an understandable message without saying a word.  The training can take a relatively long period; it can even take years.  The tourist will need to get used to the condition of weightlessness that pervades the atmosphere in the space craft, as well as, get used to how to walk on the moon, bearing in mind that the gravity on the moon is just a sixth of what obtains on earth.

Learn to improvise

If you are the type that likes to carry lot of luggage when traveling, you must be ready to change your orientation if you want to travel to the space. There is no space for excess luggage in spacecrafts.  The astronauts and the space tourists need to improvise since they cannot have everything they want while in space.  No matter how challenging space travel may be, it is still one of the most interesting trips you will ever make in your lifetime.

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