What Are Your Responsibilities as a Citizen?

Your Responsibilities as a Citizen

Every citizen owes a responsibility to his country and attending to those responsibilities will undoubtedly improve orderliness in the country. While the country is expected to protect your rights as a citizen, you are also expected to fulfill your responsibility to the country. In fact, you can only lay claim to your rights as a citizen if you fulfill your responsibilities. Failure on your part to fulfill those responsibilities may even rob you of some of those rights, including rights to freedom of movement.  In this write-up, we will enlighten you about the responsibilities you have to your country as a citizen.

Your rights as a citizen

As a citizen, you are expected to defend, uphold and respect the sovereignty of your country. As a citizen, you are equally expected to observe and live in live with the national principles and values of your country, which border around devolution of power, sharing of power, national unity and patriotism, including the rule of law, participation and democracy.  A citizen is expected to uphold his or her country’s ideals of protection of the marginalized, non-discrimination, human rights, equality, inclusiveness, social justice and so on, depending on what the constitution of the particular country says.

Additionally, you are expected to ensure accountability, integrity and good governance by elected individuals. As a citizen, you have the responsibility to always uphold the fundamental freedoms and rights of yourself and others as contained in the Bill of Rights in your country. You are equally expected to ensure that these rights are fully observed in making cultural, economic and social policies.

citizens of a country

As a citizen, you are expected to cooperate with the government in conserving and protecting the environment, as well as, every inch of the natural resources in the country towards ensuring sustainable development.  Besides, every citizen is required to closely monitor how officials of the country carry out their functions towards ensuring that the guiding principles of good leadership and integrity are fully maintained and respected

The citizens of a country should always promote the full realization of the guiding principles of the country’s electoral system.  The citizen is expected to be aware of the country’s electoral system principles, which are highlighted below:

  • Complete understanding of the freedom of the citizens to freely exercise their political rights
  • The rules related to gender equality in the electoral system

The citizen is expected to participate in and contribute to free and fair elections. He should never be involved in corruption, improper influence, intimidation or violence before, during and after the elections.

If the citizen feels that the electioneering process is pitted by irregularities, he has the right to speak up and demand for justice.  The citizen is also expected to ensure that the all candidates in an election have the right qualifications for the post they are contesting for.

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