Every man has a story of success

But when we feel gratitude in our lives, we can see more the beauty of life and the possibilities in it.

We all have our own story of success. Every human has their own definition of what success is. When you searched the word success on the Internet, many definitions will appear. It is because the definition of this word depends on the person’s perspective in life. But what are the most known or common definitions of success to us?

  1. Success is when you have a place you call home.
  • A home is a place where your heart is full of joy and peace. Most of the people considered their family as their home. It is because their family is the one who brings joy, peace, and contentment to their lives.
  1. Success is achieving your goals in life.
  • There are many people who considered themselves successful when they have known that they achieve their goals in life already. As we grow and mature in life, dreams, and goals in us are the reasons why we study and work hard.
  1. Success is learning in life.
  • Throughout our life, there are many challenges and struggles that will come along our way. Through these challenges, we are learning from it. As we learn in life, we become better individuals.

Every man has a story of success

  1. Success is when you feel your life is filled with abundance.
  • We know that there are many negativities happening in our lives and around us, and because of it, we easily see more negative things than the great things that are happening to us. But when we feel gratitude in our lives, we can see more the beauty of life and the possibilities in it.
  1. Success is when you share your success.
  • There are many successful people who share their success with the people who are struggling in life. It is their way to fulfill their purpose and share their success too.

One of the well-known people who know his story of success is Ryan Kavanaugh. He is known in the entertainment world. He is a great film producer and film financier. But his story of success was challenged when his company, the Relativity Media, faced bankruptcy. But through his positivity in life that he wants to move on already from it, he has now formed and announced his new company, the Proxima Media, wherein he will continue his love for producing films. This known man once honored as the “2009 Hollywood Producer of the Year” at the 13th Annual Hollywood Awards Gala. Today, he will continue his love and passion for producing films. The story of failure and success of Ryan Kavanaugh has been known in the entertainment world that serves as learning to everyone.

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