Common Mechanical Issues That Occur In Honda Cars

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Before you buy any car, always take some time to know the common faults reported in that car. This will get you adequately prepared for eventualities. Having a good knowledge of the car you want to buy will ensure that none of the faults catch you unawares. One of the cars you should learn a lot about before you buy it is the Honda car. It is among the most beloved cars around but has some common faults that every buyer of this brand must be fully aware of.  In the remaining part of this write-up, we will show you a couple of faults that are common in Honda cars and you need to know these faults before you buy.

Vibration during braking

Most models of Honda cars record this fault; the car usually vibrates when you apply the brake. This is usually caused by bad front brake rotors. You will find the car shaking, rattling or producing a rubbing sensation. You can machine the rotor to fix it.  You will have to replace the rotor if it is too thin.  This problem is common in Honda cars that have recorded more than 98,000 mileage.

Oil and coolant leak

This problem is also common in Honda cars. However, this issue only occurs in some models of the brand and the oil leak may be external. At other times, the coolant can gain entrance to the combustion chamber consequent of a faulty head gasket. You will need to replace the head gasket completely in order to resolve this problem.

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Transmission failure

Transmission problems are usually recorded in Honda cars that have covered more than 70,000 miles. Such cars record faults like transmission failure, transmission skipping, poor shifting, transmission spillage and soon.  You will need to totally overhaul or replace the transmission completely to correct the problem.

Power door lock failure

This problem can be highly frustrating to Honda car users.  The power door lock is also activated automatically, thereby keeping the car owner locked in.  You can expect this problem in Honda cars that have travelled more than 105,000 miles.  In this situation, you will equally lose control of the car remote door lock.

Dark dashboard display

This problem usually occurs in Honda Accord cars that have covered over 109,000 miles.  The climate control, the radio and some other displays of the dashboard will suddenly go dark. Experts say the problem is due to a fault in the circuit board and the solution involves changing the faulty circuit board.

Cracked exhaust

This is one other fault that commonly occurs in Honda cars.  The problem can occur on both manifold/converter combination and exhaust manifolds.  All you have to do to put paid to the problem is to replace the cracked component.

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